Here are some of the many ways we enhance your child’s Middle School Experience, as well as support our Faculty:

  • Coordinate and host Kids’ Night Out and dances.

  • Purchase a planner for each student.
  • Provide funding for the production and editing for the Outdoor Education DVD/video.
  • Fund a “Girls Night Out” seminar for 7th and 8th grade girls (every other year).
  • Assist in funding the 8th grade field trip.
  • Provide 8th graders a special event at the end of the school year as well as provide them with a yearbook.
  • Cover the production and printing costs for the yearbook.
  • Provide money for each Team to spend on the students for various team activities.
  • Give donations to the Middle School Library to buy specialized books.
  • Purchase and distribute student and faculty beginning of the year and end of the year gifts as well as Distinguished honor roll rewards.
  • Provide luncheons and treats for the faculty to show our appreciation.